"Sustainable Prisons Project"

"Some industries and businesses have been greening up their operations to save money. Now, another big industry is getting into the act -- American prisons. California has announced 16 new green energy projects at prisons that they say will save millions. And prisons in Indiana, Virginia, and Nevada are installing solar panels and wind turbines. But ... the state of Washington is taking their green program a few steps further.

Prisons probably aren't the first place you'd expect to find organic gardens or beekeeping. But in some prisons in western Washington, inmates are being taught new skills and getting involved in conservation work. ... Inmates say they're restoring their own lives by helping save native prairies and growing veggies."

Sadie Babits reports for The Environment Report October 6-7.

Part 1

Part 2

Source: Environment Report, 10/13/2009