"Tap Water In Corpus Christi Is Safe, Authorities Say"

"Residents of Corpus Christi, Texas, can use their tap water again, city officials announced on Sunday.

"On Sunday, the city issued a statement saying: 'The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency, the Texas Commission on Environmental Quality and the City of Corpus Christi have concurred on the decision to lift the tap water restrictions citywide effective immediately.'

"The City recommends flushing each tap in the house for 2 — 3 minutes to clear any water lines and replacing filters, at your discretion."

The water ban had been in effect since Dec. 14, when the city notified residents that possible chemical contamination could make the water unsafe to drink or bathe in."

Rebecca Hersher reports for NPR December 18, 2016.


"Official: Texas City Had 3 Reports Of Dirty Water Before Ban" (AP)

Source: NPR, 12/19/2016