TV News Mentioned Donald Trump Nearly 20x More Than Fracking in 2011

"A paltry 1.2 percent of headlines in prominent media outlets focus on environment. That's the depressing finding from a study out today that surveyed headlines from 43 news and related organizations between January 2011 and May of 2012. Interestingly, Fox News devoted significantly more time to covering the environment, including healthy doses of climate change-denial, than did MSNBC and CNN ...."

"A caveat: 'Fox News is often criticized for having a blatant anti-environment bias,' the study notes, adding that 'quantity is not a proxy for quality of coverage on this issue.' (The study used very similar methodology to Pew's Project for Excellence in Journalism, and didn't discriminate between biased and unbiased or misleading environmental news.)

What did most news outlets focus on? Crime and celebrities, mostly ... ."

Maggie Severns reports for Mother Jones February 1, 2013.


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Source: Mother Jones, 02/01/2013