"U.S. Offers $162 Million for Sandy-Struck Atlantic Coast"

"Five days before the anniversary of Superstorm Sandy's strike on the U.S. Northeast, the Interior Department announced $162 million in funding for research and restoration projects to help protect the Atlantic Coast from future storms."

"Interior Secretary Sally Jewell announced the aid on Thursday at New Jersey's Edwin B. Forsythe National Wildlife Refuge, whose 47,000 acres of wetlands absorbed much of Sandy's energy and storm surge, and protected some communities in the storm's path.

A list of the 45 projects covered by the funding, in states from Maine to North Carolina, can be seen online at link.reuters.com/zuj24v.

The massive storm caused more than $60 billion in damage after making landfall on October 29, 2012. At the refuge, Sandy destroyed roadways and dumped boats, fuel oil tanks, chemical drums and other debris across 22 miles, the Interior Department said."

Deborah Zabarenko reports for Reuters October 25, 2013.


"Key Developments As Sandy Anniversary Approaches" (AP)

Source: Reuters, 10/25/2013