"U.S. Pushes Environmental Trade Agenda For APEC"

"The United States is pressing China and other Asia Pacific economies to agree at a leaders meeting in November to reduce tariffs and other barriers to trade in environmental goods like wind turbines and solar panels, a U.S. official said on Monday."

"'This is an issue that APEC has been talking about for a number of years and this year we're trying to actually see if we can get economies to commit to liberalize their regime,' Wendy Cutler, assistant U.S. trade representative for Japan, Korea and APEC affairs, told Reuters.

'APEC economies, according to our statistics, account for 60 percent of trade in this sector. It's a natural sector, with lots of commercial benefits, environmental benefits, economic benefits, for these economies to focus on,' Cutler said."

Doug Palmer reports for Reuters September 28, 2011.

Source: Reuters, 09/28/2011