"Waste Water Kills Millions Of Children, Pollutes Sea"

"Human beings are flushing millions of tonnes of solid waste into rivers and oceans every day, poisoning marine life and spreading diseases that kill millions of children annually, the U.N. said on Monday.

'The sheer scale of dirty water means more people now die from contaminated and polluted water than from all forms of violence including wars,' the United Nations Environment Programme (UNEP) said.

In a report entitled 'Sick Water' for World Water Day, UNEP said the two million tonnes of waste, which contaminates over two billion tonnes of water daily, had left huge 'dead zones' that choke coral reefs and fish.

It consists mostly of sewage, industrial pollution, pesticides from agriculture and animal waste.

The report said a lack of clean water was killing 1.8 million children under five every year. Much of the waste came from developing countries, which dump 90 percent of their wastewater untreated."

Tim Cocks reports for Reuters March 23, 2010.

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Source: Reuters, 03/23/2010