Watch Out For Projectile Bird Poo As SW Florida Nesting Season Starts

"They scratch out tiny nests on some Southwest Florida beaches, lay camouflaged eggs and fight with vigor to defend their territory and their young.

Shorebirds nesting season started a few weeks ago, and hundreds of the tiny birds will be scrambling around undeveloped beaches between now and September.

From the majestic black skimmers to feisty plovers, shorebirds will be feeding and breeding on local beaches for the next five months, working hard to nourish themselves and the next generation.

Their nesting season coincides with some of the busiest beach months of the year, which means human traffic can be high when the adults are trying to feed and rest."

Chad Gillis reports for the Fort Myers News-Press April 10, 2023.

Source: Fort Meyers News-Press, 04/17/2023