World's E-Waste 'Unsustainable', Says UN Report Citing China, India, US

"NEW DELHI/GENEVA - Across the river from Delhi’s Red Fort, the grim neighbourhood of Seelampur lives off what consumers in the modern world throw away - their broken or obsolete electronic and electrical goods.

Home to one of the world’s largest markets for e-waste, Seelampur exemplifies the challenge highlighted in a U.N.-led report released on Thursday.

The Global E-waste Monitor 2020 report found that the world dumped a record 53.6 million tonnes of e-waste last year. Just 17.4% was recycled.

“Even countries with a formal e-waste management system in place are confronted with relatively low collection and recycling rates,” the report said."

Neha Arora and Emma Farge report for Reuters July 2, 2020.

Source: Reuters, 07/03/2020