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December 7, 2018 — Journalism can be a thankless job, especially in today's economic environment. The work never stops, the salaries are low and recognition doesn't always come. Ever since its founding, the Society of Environmental Journalists has been an essential community for environmental journalists, and that includes celebrating each other's best work.

Since the launch of the Awards for Reporting on the Environment, SEJ has honored spectacular journalism from across the world, from small markets like Charleston’s Post and Courier to international leaders like the New York Times and the BBC. We’ve brought attention to a lot of great reporting, raised the profile of environmental journalism, attracted new SEJ members and — perhaps most importantly — encouraged thousands of journalists to keep aiming high.

The awards program is not extravagant, but it's not free, either. This year, SEJ staff received 418 entries — an all-time high — and awarded $15,250 in prize money. SEJ will be able to keep it going only if it continues to attract funding from both individuals and foundations.

Your donations are its life blood, so thanks for your past, present and future support of the SEJ Awards for Reporting on the Environment.


Dan Fagin — Former SEJ President
Professor of Journalism, New York University


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