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Fundraiser graphic for Sam Baker Sam Baker is a freelance journalist, senior producer for DW's Don't Drink the Milk podcast and producer for the BBC's CrowdScience. Read more.


Fundraiser graphic for Jim-Bruggers Jim Bruggers covers energy, climate change and the environment in the U.S. Southeast for Inside Climate News. He was elected five times to the SEJ board, serving 13 years, including two years as vice president and two years as president. He currently volunteers for SEJ as our Future Conference Sites Coordinator. Read more.


Fundraiser graphic for Max Chesnes Max Chesnes is the environment reporter for the Tampa Bay Times, where he reports on water quality, environmental justice, obscure Florida wildlife and everything in between. Read more.


Fundraiser graphic for Anton Delgado Anton L. Delgado is a reporter for The Southeast Asia Globe covering news and the environment. He's currently based in Phnom Penh, Cambodia and passionately reports on coastal conditions, renewable energy development, water resources, forest health and more. Read more.


Fundraiser graphic for Carey Gillam Carey Gillam is managing editor of nonprofit journalism initiative The New Lede. This Fall, Gillam is also teaching an environmental journalism course at the University of Kansas. Read more.


Fundraiser graphic for Emilio Godoy Emilio Godoy is a freelancer based in Mexico, focusing on the socio-economic and environmental effects of the climate crisis, the need to move towards a low-carbon economy, and sustainable development modalities in Mexico and Latin America. Read more.


Fundraiser graphic for Sharon Guynup Sharon Guynup is a freelance journalist, author, photographer, producer and speaker with expertise in wildlife, health and environmental issues, including zoonotic disease and climate change. She has also volunteered for SEJ's Mentor Program for nearly two decades. Read more.


Fundraiser graphic for Debra Krol Rona Kobell is the co-founder and president of the Environmental Justice Journalism Initiative, a nonprofit that focuses on storytelling, science and youth engagement, and seeks to help communities tell their own stories about environmental injustices in Baltimore and beyond. Read more.


Fundraiser graphic for Debra Krol Debra Utacia Krol, Indigenous affairs reporter at The Arizona Republic, is an award-winning journalist with an emphasis on Native issues, environmental and science issues and travel, who's fond of averring that "My beat is Indians." Read more.


Fundraiser graphic for Sharon Lerner Sharon Lerner is a reporter for ProPublica covering health and the environment, often focusing on corporate malfeasance. Her work has been honored by SEJ 10 times, most recently as the Nina Mason Pulliam grand prize winner of the 2022 #SEJAwards. Read more.


Fundraiser graphic for Bobby Magill Bobby Magill is a journalist covering water, public lands and the Interior Department for Bloomberg Law in Washington, D.C. His work focuses on climate change and legal battles over the Clean Water Act, Safe Drinking Water Act, water supplies, oil and gas leasing, endangered species and other federal lands issues. Read more.


Fundraiser graphic for Karla Mendes Karla Mendes, SEJ's first Brazilian and Latin American board member, has been working as a correspondent for international outlets since 2015 and she has specialized in covering environmental, land and property rights issues since 2017. Read more.


Fundraiser graphic for Michelle Nijhuis Michelle Nijhuis, a lapsed biologist, is a freelance journalist specializing in conservation and climate change. She is the author of "Beloved Beasts: Fighting for Life in an Age of Extinction" and "The Science Writers' Essay Handbook: How to Craft Compelling True Stories in Any Medium." Read more.


Fundraiser graphic for Rachel Nuwer Rachel Nuwer is an award-winning freelance journalist who regularly writes about conservation, ecology and wildlife trade, and is the author of "Poached: Inside the Dark World of Wildlife Trafficking." Read more.


Fundraiser graphic for Halle Parker SEJ board member Halle Parker reports on the environment for WWNO's Coastal Desk. Her coverage spans a wide range of topics, from issues of environmental justice, Louisiana's ongoing coastal land loss crisis, the energy transition and climate change. Read more.


Fundraiser graphic for Spoorthy Raman Spoorthy Raman is a freelance science and environment journalist based in Canada. Her stories have been published by Mongabay, Audubon Magazine, Scientific American, The Open Notebook, Science, Deccan Herald and others. Read more.


Fundraiser graphic for Parimal Rohit Parimal Rohit is a veteran journalist and host of three podcasts: Erased, The Brown Table and Storytellers in Action. He also volunteers for SEJ on the Awards Committee and as co-editor of #SEJournalInsideStory. Read more.


Fundraiser graphic for Angela Rowlings SEJ board member Angela Rowlings is an independent photojournalist based in Boston, Mass. and Prince Edward Island, Canada. She reports on climate, culture, politics, immigration and human rights issues, and produces long-form visual essays in Boston, Canada and Latin America. Read more.


Fundraiser graphic for Sarah Sax Sarah Sax is an award-winning freelance journalist and video producer based in Brooklyn, N.Y. She covers environmental change and climate justice, with a soft spot for stories at the intersection of food production, land rights and climate change. Read more.


Fundraiser graphic for Zoya Teirstein Zoya Teirstein is a staff writer for Grist, covering the intersection of public health and climate change, and the politics of climate change. Read more.


Fundraiser graphic for Amy Westervelt Amy Westervelt is an award-winning investigative journalist and executive producer of the independent podcast production company Critical Frequency, which specializes in reported narrative podcasts. Read more.


Fundraiser graphic for Peter Yeung Peter Yeung is a roving freelance journalist reporting on climate and the environment. He often reports from the Global South with a pragmatic, solutions-orientated focus and armed with a camera and drone to bring to life the stories of the world's most vulnerable. Read more.


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