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Sarah Sax is an award-winning freelance journalist and video producer based in Brooklyn, N.Y. She covers environmental change and climate justice, with a soft spot for stories at the intersection of food production, land rights and climate change. More about Sarah.


"I get a lot of students and new journalists asking me for advice on how to break into environmental journalism. Joining SEJ is always one of the first things I recommend to them; it's the best place to find news, tips, events, workshops, and so many other invaluable resources."

- Sarah Sax, Freelance Journalist

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Give to SEJ Programs to support essential training, resources and convening, such as:

Give to SEJ's Fund for Environmental Journalism to support small story grants, such as:

Give to SEJ's Conference Diversity Travel Fellowships to help cover the costs of registration, travel, lodging and other expenses of Diversity Fellowships. Here’s what past participants had to say:

  • "I would not have been able to attend without the SEJ/Uproot diversity fellowship, and I am truly grateful for it as this is easily the best conference I've been to as a newer journalist. I am truly grateful for the program and hope it can be expanded so even more people, who otherwise would not be able to, can attend."
  • "As an emerging freelance photojournalist in the midwest I have limited resources and opportunities to attend conference. This limits my ability for professional growth and networking. I would not have been able to attend the workshop without the Uproot Project Fellowship."

Give to the SEJ Members in Need Fund to help cover fee waivers and other costs of participating in SEJ programs, for members experiencing financial hardship.

Legacy giving: If you are ready to create a lasting legacy with SEJ, we recommend using FreeWill to create your will in 20 minutes or less — for free!



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