Carbon Cycle, Carbon Emissions, Biogeochemical Cycles

Richard A. Houghton
Woods Hole Research Center (Senior Scientist). Phone: (508) 540-9900 x116. E-mail. Web site. Publications and Bio: Woods Hole Research Center and US Climate Change Science Program.

Ken Caldeira
Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory. Phone: (925) 423-4191. E-mail: or Web site. Publications and Bio.

Michael J. Prather
University of California at Irvine. Phone: (949) 824-5838 or (949) 824-8794. E-mail. Web site. Publications.

A. Scott Denning
Colorado State University. Phone: (970) 491-6936. E-mail. Web site. Bio.

William H. Schlesinger
Duke University. Phone: (919) 613-8004. E-mail. Web site. Publications. Bio.


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