Other - Climate Experts Rolodex

Ronald G. Prinn
Massachusetts Institute of Technology. Expertise: General. Phone:(617)253-2452. E-mail. Web site. Publications and Bio.

V. (Venkatachalam) Ramaswamy
NOAA Geophysical Fluid Dynamics Laboratory/Princeton Univ. Expertise: Radiative forcing. Phone: (609) 452-6510. E-mail. Publications. Bio.

Benjamin D. Santer
Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory. Expertise: Statistical analysis; detection and attribution of anthropogenic influence. Phone: (925) 422-2486. E-mail. More Contact Info.

Kevin E. Trenberth
National Center for Atmospheric Research. Phone: (303) 497-1318. E-mail. Web site. Publications. Bio. Michael McElroy Harvard University. Phone: (617) 495-2351. E-mail. Web site. Publications and Bio.

Francis Bretherton
University of Wisconsin. Phone: (608) 262-7497. E-mail. Web site.

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