SEJ Freedom of Information Task Force

The Society of Environmental Journalists board of directors formed the task force in March 2002 "to address freedom-of-information, right-to-know, and other news gathering issues of concern to the pursuit of environmental journalism."

The board gave the Freedom of Information Task Force these responsibilities:

  1. Monitor records access and other right-to-know issues that affect the quality and visibility of environmental journalism.
  2. Speak or write to actions that limit access to information and inhibit journalists' ability to cover the environment and related topics.
  3. Provide SEJ members with services to help them obtain and use public records, and to deal with efforts to withhold those records from them.

We encourage SEJ members to contact the Task Force chair or members with access issues. Additionally, SEJ members interested in FOIA/access issues are invited to join the task force. Please contact Timothy Wheeler for more information.


Society of Environmental Journalists Freedom of Information Task Force Members



Phone (work)


Sadie Babits

Public Media Journalist, Editor and Educator
Phoenix, AZ


SEJ Board Member

Joseph Davis

Freelance Journalist
Washington, DC


SEJ Staff, FOI Project Director, and Editor, TipSheet and WatchDog Alert

Gloria Dickie

Freelance Journalist


Ex Officio Task Force Member

Kathie Florsheim

Freelance Photographer
Providence, RI


SEJ Member

Bobby Magill

Bloomberg Environment
Washington, DC


Ex Officio Task Force Member / SEJ Board Liaison

Jimmy Tobias

Independent Reporter
New York, NY


SEJ Member

Timothy Wheeler

Bay Journal


Task Force Chair


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