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Iconic, warm, sexy,
environmentally fascinating.

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A city shaped by water, toughened by hurricanes, sweetened by tropical fruits. A true meeting point of hemispheric cultures, and home of legendary critters. A region facing enormous environmental challenges, South Florida needs to show its true grit and decide its future now. Because, whatever road it takes will shape the fate of the largest subtropical wilderness in the United States, the largest continental coral reef in the nation, and the largest diving and fishing industries in the tropics. Friendly, spicy, exotic, green and pink and turquoise, Miami will be an unforgettable conference venue – so interesting that we anticipate many of you will add a few days to your trip to see the Florida sights. We’ll have lots of tips for you, starting with this: Bring sandals and shorts and sunglasses. Average October daytime temperature is 83 degrees.