UPDATE April 9: Gainer Responds to SEJ Letter on Police Detention of Energy Reporter

One of the officials who oversees the U.S. Capitol Police responded April 9 to SEJ's letter complaining about the brief detention of a reporter trying to ask a question of EPA Administrator Gina McCarthy in a hallway. Terry Gainer, Senate Sergeant-at-Arms, wrote the following:

"Thank you for sharing the thoughts of the Society of Environmental Journalists. Your points are well taken and your perspective instructive. All of us are committed to the ideals enumerated in your letter. I really think this is a rather isolated incident and given the thousands of interactions we have on a weekly basis, in fact the millions since I have been on the hill over these eleven years are a strong indicator of the healthy relationship we have in the Capitol complex. I know the Chief and his troops are fully committed to excellence in their daily interactions with members, staff , our media partners and the public. I pledge to continue to work together with you and your contemporaries and where there are disagreements, meet them head on and move forward collaboratively. Respectfully, Terry"


POSTED April 8: SEJ Objects to Capitol Police Detention of Energy Reporter

The Society of Environmental Journalists has sent a letter to U.S. Capitol authorities objecting to the March 28 incident in which Bloomberg BNA reporter Ari Natter was briefly detained by a Capitol Police officer in the hallway of the Russell Senate Office Building. Natter was trying to ask a question of EPA Administrator Gina McCarthy at the time. The letter was sent to Terrance W. Gainer, Senate Sergeant-at-Arms, and others. Gainer oversees the Capitol Police.

The text of SEJ's letter can be found here.

More information on the incident is here.

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