Environmental Books by SEJ Members (2008)

Are you an SEJ member who's authored, co-authored or edited a non-fiction or fiction environmental book (published in 2008) you'd like included on this page? Please send the following to SEJ web content manager Cindy MacDonald:

  1. a one-paragraph description
  2. name of publisher and year of publication
  3. ISBN number
  4. .gif or .jpg cover image (optional)
  5. Internet link to more information (optional) 

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"Communicating on Climate Change: An Essential Resource for Journalists, Scientists, and Educators"

By Bud Ward
"Communicating on Climate Change: An Essential Resource for Journalists, Scientists, and Educators" reports the results of dialogues between top climate scientists and journalists over a period of more than four years on how best to inform the public about climate change science. Funded by the National Science Foundation (NSF) and published in October 2008 by the Metcalf Institute for Marine and Environmental Reporting, the 74-page paperback (also available as a free PDF file) offers important tips for reporting on the most complex, compelling, and sweeping environmental/economic/energy issues of the day. Based on an unprecedented series of journalist/scientist workshops and including original sidebar commentaries from participants, the book, written by SEJ co-founder Bud Ward, can be downloaded as a PDF file here. Metcalf Institute, 2008. ISBN 978-1-60725-447-8. More information.
Read the SEJournal review by Stefan Milkowski.



"Gators, Gourdheads, and Pufflings: A Biologist Slogs, Climbs, And Wings Her Way To Save Wildlife"

By Susan Jewell
"Gators, Gourdheads, and Pufflings" is the true tale of the everyday life of a wildlife biologist — but it's far from mundane. With humor and drama, author Susan Jewell weaves vignettes of her work in the wilds from Maine to Florida, studying alligators, wood storks (gourdheads), puffins (babies are pufflings), and more. As a petite gal in a traditionally male occupation, the author deals with situations in a resourceful and captivating way. She brings the wild animals and the places they live to life and reveals why biologists feel compelled to protect them. Jewell has studied wildlife from Maine to Florida by motorboat, airboat, canoe, airplane, helicopter, tree-climbing, scuba, and muddy feet. Her previous books include "Exploring Wild South Florida" and "Exploring Wild Central Florida". Infinity Publishing, 2008. ISBN 0-7414-4961-7. 220 pages. More information.



"Making Up with Mom"

By Julie Halpert and Deborah Carr
As young women today wrestle with decisions about work and family, they need all the support they can get. But the person whose support they crave most-their mother-often can't get on board. Why does a mother's approval matter so much? And why is it so painful for mothers when daughters choose paths different from theirs? In "Making Up with Mom", Julie Halpert and Deborah Carr answer these questions by focusing on the issues of dating/marriage, career and child rearing. Relying on interviews with nearly 100 mothers and daughters, and offering tips from more than two dozen therapists, the book explores a range of communication issues and how to resolve them. St. Martins Press/Thomas Dunne, 2008. ISBN 0-312-36881-X. More information.



"More: Population, Nature, and What Women Want"

By Robert Engelman
Cover of More
A journey of discovery through the three-way dance of human population, the environment, and women's connection to both, "More" explores the provocative thesis that when women exercise choice over childbearing, human numbers move toward environmental sustainability. Author Robert Engelman, secretary of SEJ's founding board, scans history from the emergence of bipedal hominids to the present to examine women's essential contribution to the survival of homo sapiens. The book highlights women's long struggle to bear each child when the timing is right — not just for women themselves, but for the social and natural environment that surrounds their families. Island Press, 2008. ISBN-13: 978-1-59726-019-0. More information.



"Owls of North America"

By Frances Backhouse
"Owls of North America" delves into the lives of these enigmatic and fascinating birds of prey, shedding light on their anatomy, adaptations, life history and ecology. The engaging text is enhanced by line drawings and numerous colour photos. Individual profiles of the 23 owl species found in Canada, the U.S. and northern Mexico include detailed information about appearance, voice, feeding and breeding behaviour, distribution, habitat and conservation, as well as range maps. Like "Woodpeckers of North America", this is a solid reference for birders, naturalists and general readers. By Frances Backhouse. Firefly Books, 2008. ISBN 1554073421. More information.