Knight-Mozilla News Technology Partnership (MoJo)

Mozilla and the Knight Foundation have joined forces to bring the web and journalism together worldwide to invent the future of news.

"For the next three years, we'll drive news innovation through the Knight-Mozilla News Technology Partnership — 'MoJo.'

"Information is a core community need. People need good, timely information to thrive in a democracy and act in their own best interest. And journalism, as an institution, must be strengthened.

"Journalism and the open web are built on common values. Like the web, the future of journalism lies in universal access and participation.

"We intend to advance the best values of both journalism and the open web by continuous innovation. Working together, technologists and journalists can accomplish great things.

  • Put your best ideas in front of luminaries, big thinkers and journalists shaping journalism's future.
  • Earn a trip to a Berlin hackfest, where we'll help take your idea from napkin sketch to prototype.
  • Spend a year in one of the world's most exciting newsrooms as a paid Knight-Mozilla fellow."
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