Why the Decline and Rebirth of Environmental Journalism Matters

John Daley

This comprehensive article on the state of the environmental journalism world by SEJ member John Daley, a television reporter in Salt Lake City, was published January 7, 2010, on The Yale Forum on Climate Change & the Media. Daley writes:

"Indeed, when it comes to coverage of climate change, energy, and environmental issues, the meltdown in mainstream news reporting couldn’t come at a worse time. That shrinking category of news is as critical as ever. But the ranks of reporters best equipped to cover these major environmental and climate change stories at most news outlets, particularly in local markets, are being decimated. The calendar year just ended was in many ways a bleak one for much of the environmental journalism world, but with new journalism models and opportunities popping up, many in the field hope for better in 2010."

Read Why the Decline and Rebirth of Environmental Journalism Matters.

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