Paleoclimatology (Past Climate)

February 25, 2009


Caspar Ammann
National Center for Atmospheric Research. Phone: (303) 497-1705. E-mail. Web site. Bio.

Anthony Barnosky
University of California, Berkeley. Phone: (510) 643-6275. E-mail. Web site. Bio.

Patrick Bartlein
University of Oregon. Phone: (541) 346-4967. E-mail. Web site. Bio.

Julio Betancourt
U.S. Geological Survey. Phone: (520) 670-6821 ext. 107. E-mail. Web site and bio.

Thomas J. Crowley
Duke University. Phone: (919) 681-8228. E-mail. Web site. Bio.

Peter Fawcett
University of New Mexico. Phone: (505) 277-3867. E-mail. Web site.
Has used a variety of proxies, including lake sediments
and bog cores in the southwest and Mexico, to look at regional
patterns, and is conversant at both regional and global scale. He's also
done some ice core work and modeling.

Sherilyn Fritz
University of Nebraska-Lincoln. Phone: (402) 472-6431. E-mail. Web site. Bio.
Studies lake-bottom sediments as a way to identify paleoclimate characteristics.

Michael Mann
Pennsylvania State University. Phone: (814) 863-4075. E-mail. Web site. Bio.

Kevin Noone
Stockholm University. Phone: + 46 8 674 7543. E-mail. Web site and bio.

Maureen Raymo
Boston University. Phone: (617) 353-4009. E-mail. Web site. Bio.

Daniel P. Schrag
Harvard University. Phone: (617) 495-7676. E-mail. Web site.
One of the developers of the Snowball Earth scenario.

Kenneth Tankersley
Univeristy of Cincinnati. Phone: (513) 556-5784. E-mail. Web site and bio.

Lonnie Thompson
Ohio State University. Phone: (614) 292-6652. E-mail. Web site. Bio.
Has an inventory of ice cores he has drilled worldwide.

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