SEJournal Spring 1995, Vol. 5 No. 1

May 15, 1995
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SEJ News

SEJ President Emilia Askari explains the money game

Erin Hayes fills Jim Detjen’s vacant board seat

Members on the move

Letter from Knight Ridder’s Rich Oppel

Update on the ‘95 conference in Boston

Regional events for CA, DC and southeast

Science Survey

Congress plunges into the risk debate


Senator Frank Murkowski and former Bureau of Land Management head Jim Baca on covering the new capitol


Online Bits & Bytes

SEJ finds a home (page) on the World Wide Web


Covering agricultural issues; using scientific journals

Book Shelf

Book Reviews

New Members

Recorded thru March 17

Green Beat

Contact list of Green Beat correspondents, by state

State-by-state news roundup of major stories

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