SEJournal Summer 1994, Vol. 4 No. 2

August 15, 1994
Summer 1994.jpg

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SEJ News

SEJ President Jim Detjen to leave newspapering

Letters to the editor

’94 conference news

Conference registration

Plutonium Package

Q&A with E. Welsome

The writer’s story

National journalism awards announced

Asia Package

Interview with dissident Chinese journalist Dai Qing

Travels and talks in Indonesia and Hong Kong

Philippine eagle plan



Online Bits & Bytes

Exploring FedWorld


St. Louis paper evaluates conflicting flood-control claims

Ozone story analysis


Environment & trade

Book Shelf

Thumbnail reviews

Science Survey

New studies fuel debate on estrogenic health effects

Green Beat

Contact list of Green Beat correspondents, by state

State-by-state news roundup of major stories

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