National Academies Hooks Up With Entertainment Biz

November 26, 2008

In a bold move to crack the reality show and celebrity-oriented entertainment worlds, the National Academy of Sciences is offering inside information to writers, producers, and entertainment industry moguls about its own views of reality.

The collaborative project might be a resource that could inspire your science story — featuring the latest celebrity — that's more likely to grab a spot at the top of the broadcast or on the front or home page.

NAS's Science & Entertainment Exchange (which the acronym-inclined might call SEX, though NAS doesn't do so in its Nov. 14, 2008, press release) is designed to make available a wide range of scientists who can give entertainment industry folks the inside scoop on whatever aspect of science they're incorporating, or want to incorporate, in their films, TV shows, video games, or other products.

The advisory board includes entertainers such as Dustin Hoffman and Rob Reiner, noted medical writers such as Oliver Sacks, prominent medical and science professionals such as CDC Director Julie Gerberding and human genome pioneer Craig Venter, and many actors, writers, producers, and directors.

NAS kicked off the new project with a symposium in Los Angeles on Nov. 19, 2008. The event featured lots of 3-D presentations, and attempted to dazzle the audience with glimpses of topics such as climate change and energy, exploring the cosmos, rare and infectious diseases, and robotics and artificial intelligence.

Since the program is just getting started, it's too soon for any success stories that might spark your own efforts. However, the dozens of advisory board members provide a quick starting point for ideas. For more information or ideas, check out the Web site:

Other potential sources on entertainment industry links with environmental topics that you may want to carefully scope out include:

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