Temperature Forecasts Get More Detailed

January 31, 2007

With audiences paying more attention to the often-unusual weather these days, a new tool offered by NOAA may be of interest. The agency has developed temperature predictions that are more detailed and localized than its previous three-month predictions - predictions that extend the level of detail out 13 months. NOAA Release of Jan. 17, 2007.

A primary objective of the new forecasts is to provide better information for businesses, organizations, and individuals that have an economic stake in the weather, such as utilities, farmers, retailers, and local governments.

The rolling three-month predictions (Jan-Feb-March, Feb-March-April, etc.) give the odds the temperature will be above, below, or at the average at about 1,150 sites around the US.

A review of a few sites shows that NOAA is predicting substantial departures from normal temperatures for some areas in the months ahead. The information can be useful for stories looking ahead, and also looking backward later in the year (if you save the current prediction). The information is available in several formats, so you can shape it to fit your needs.


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