Agencies Post "Openness" Pages on Web per Obama Order

February 10, 2010

EPA, Interior, and other federal agencies posted "open government" pages on the Web February 9, 2010, meeting a deadline set by President Obama.

The pages are supposed to offer a single clearing point for agencies to engage the public in their efforts for greater public transparency, participation, and collaboration.

Agencies are also supposed to engage the public in development of an "Open Government Plan," by soliciting public input online and by other means. The public comment period for the plans is open until March 19 at many agencies, and they are due for final publication April 7, 2010.

A December 8, 2009, White House memo ordered each agency to "create an Open Government Webpage located at http://www.[agency].gov/open to serve as the gateway for agency activities related to the Open Government Directive and []to maintain and update that webpage in a timely fashion."

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