Gumshoes Can Use Bankers' Tool for EPA Info on Properties

May 4, 2011

Investigative reporters trying to uncover environmental secrets about local properties and tracts of land have a new tool that will may make their job a lot easier.

EPA's new "MyPropertyInfo" online tool will search multiple EPA databases for any information related to a specific street address. Or it will search for all records on a given street in a given ZIP code. The online tool is available on EPA's website.

MyPropertyInfo was originally meant for realtors, mortgage bankers, or home-buyers, but it is freely available for use by anyone, including journalists.

EPA's vast collection of databases have long been a gold mine for environmental stories, but before now it was difficult to quickly get all the information pertinent to one specific address.

Whether or not you have a Superfund site in your neighborhood, you may find stories related to dry cleaners, funeral homes, gas stations, and other small businesses.

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