TOOLBOX: Data Journalism Handbook Released

May 16, 2012

Environmental reporters with ambitions to do investigative projects using databases will find an enormously rich collection of ideas, tips, examples, and tools in the new Data Journalism Handbook, released by the Open Knowledge Foundation and the European Journalism Centre.

In true open-source tradition the book is the product of hacking in the best sense — a volunteer collaboration of scores of gumshoes and geeks with smarts and hard-won real-world experience. It started barely six months ago at a London workshop, and grew to include an international array of contributors. Some of the best material is the collection of case studies. Although European in flavor, it includes some US contributors.

  • "The Data Journalism Handbook (1.0 Beta)," Open Knowledge Foundation, accessed May 16, 2012, edited by Jonathan Gray, Liliana Bounegru, and Lucy Chambers, distributed under Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike license.

If you are interested in data journalism (once aka computer-assisted reporting, and now often evolved as data viz), you should be sure to check out these few of the many additional resources:

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