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"Senate Votes To Overturn Biden Water Rule"

"The Senate on Wednesday afternoon approved a resolution against the Biden administration’s signature water policy, in a move all but guaranteed to spark the president’s second veto ever."

Source: E&E News, 03/30/2023

Responsible Business USA – Balancing Growth and Sustainability

Join Reuters in New York for this event focusing on how companies must juggle the realities of driving short-term successes and profits whilst delivering strategies and investments that will ensure action on sustainability accelerates, securing the long-term survival of the business.

Webinar: Unfence the Future — Taking Down Fortress Conservation and Its Enduring Legacy

The Natural History Museum, Survival International and CUNY Center for the Humanities invite you to a free two-day virtual symposium on the logic of fencing wilderness (“fortress conservation”) to expel perceived threats to ecological balance — from Indigenous Peoples to predator species.

"EPA Cites 2 Oil And Gas Firms Over Permian Basin Pollution"

"Two Texas companies have resolved Clean Air Act violations with the Environmental Protection Agency by agreeing to reduce emissions of planet-warming methane and other harmful pollutants wafting from the nation’s largest oil and gas producing region."

Source: AP, 03/29/2023

"8th Circuit Delivers Climate Blow To Big Oil"

"Oil and gas companies on Thursday lost what may have been their best shot at creating disagreement between federal appeals courts — a key consideration for Supreme Court review — on a jurisdictional issue that has the potential to quash a broad set of climate challenges launched by local governments that want industry to pay up for the impacts of a warming planet."

Source: E&E News, 03/29/2023

Plastics Cause Health Issues From Cancer To Birth Defects: Study

"Plastics are responsible for wide-ranging health impacts including cancers, lung disease and birth defects, according to the first analysis of the health hazards of plastics across their entire life cycle – from extraction for manufacturing, through to dumping into landfill and oceans."

Source: Guardian, 03/29/2023