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Group Of 25 US Governors Promises To Install 20 Million Heat Pumps By 2030

"Buildings, particularly older ones and those with poor energy efficiency, account for 31 percent of the nation’s greenhouse gas emissions. ... On Thursday, the U.S. Climate Alliance, an association of 25 governors of states accounting for half of the country’s population, announced a major move to reduce those emissions, cut utility bills, and create jobs."

Source: Grist, 09/25/2023

Funding To Replace Lead Pipes Is Just the Start of the Story

Billions of dollars in federal funding to get rid of lead pipes is only the beginning — now the pipes have to be located, removed and replaced. And the latest TipSheet says that’s a story that’s found in many U.S. communities, so is ripe for local reporting. Here’s the backstory and why it matters, along with more than a dozen story ideas and reporting resources.

2023 David Stolberg Meritorious Service Award Winner

The David Stolberg Meritorious Service Award annually recognizes an SEJ member for their exceptional volunteer work. The 2023 Stolberg award goes to Christy George, who joined SEJ in 1997. Christy chaired three annual conferences (two in person and one virtual), including this year's in Boise, and has been an SEJ mentor five times. She embodies the SEJ spirit of collaboration, always helping colleagues, always giving something back and clearly, that spirit becomes contagious.

Disabilities and Disasters — What Questions Should You Be Asking Planners?

As hurricane season ramps up, how are the disaster planners considering those with disabilities in your community? Texas-based journalist Greg Harman shares the story of one group that sued their city over claims it failed to properly prepare. And he extracts some rules of thumb to help determine if emergency planners are taking those with disabilities into consideration where you are.