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"A Guide To Electric Car Misinformation (Part 2)"

"Financially-motivated EV misinformation comes from both sides of the aisle (the lane?). Industries that see EVs as a threat exaggerate their harms in a bid to get you to hate EVs. And industries that profit from EVs greenwash their benefits in a bid to get you to love EVs."

Source: HEATED, 04/04/2024

Coverage Stories: SEJ's 33rd Annual Conference

Send us your stories! We're tracking stories inspired by or informed by our #SEJ2024 conference in Philadelphia. The stories don't have to be about Philly or Pennsylvania; they can be based on sources or ideas you got from being at the conference. It's critically important to SEJ to gather evidence on the impact of our work. Please help us to keep SEJ strong and share links, photos, copies of reporting generated or informed by this conference. 

Coverage: SEJ's 33rd Annual Conference

SEJ's 33rd annual conference took place April 3-7, 2024 in Philadelphia, hosted by the University of Pennsylvania. Here you'll find multimedia coverage provided by SEJ, UPenn, our multischool Student Newsroom, volunteers and conference attendees. Most sessions were audio-recorded and will be posted as available.

Couldn't make it to Philly? Watch the plenary recordings!

SciLine Media Briefing: Climate Change & Agriculture

SciLine’s next media briefing will cover the myriad ways agricultural production is—and may soon be affected further—by climate-driven shifts in air quality, including changing carbon dioxide and ozone levels; water quality and quantity; and soil health. 2:00 p.m. ET.

Cinema Verde International Environmental Film and Arts Festival

Cinema Verde will hold its 15th Annual Environmental Film and Arts Festival as a hybrid event, with 75 films in total, 35 of which will be screened in person at Cypress and Grove Brewing Co. in Gainesville, Florida in celebration of Earth Day.