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"New Models for Environmental Communication"

An interesting new experiment in journalism "surfaced today in a Science Times article by  Lindsey Hoshaw, known on Twitter as  @thegarbagegirl. The feature is an up-close examination of the  Pacific Ocean's vast patch of plastic flotsam, reported with travel funds provided by readers of"

Source: Dot Earth, 11/11/2009

"Gloomy Energy Report Sets the Stage for Climate Talks"

"As the world heads for tough negotiations over a global climate deal next month, an influential forecasting agency said on Tuesday that current energy policies were not sustainable, and that a vast transformation of energy use was required to fend off the worst consequences of global warming."

Source: NYTimes, 11/11/2009

"High BPA Levels Linked To Male Sexual Problems"

"Exposure to high levels of a controversial chemical found in thousands of everyday plastic products appears to cause erectile dysfunction and other sexual problems in men, according to a new study published Wednesday."

Source: Wash Post, 11/11/2009