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Mekong Damming a Major Blow

"The Mekong has long flowed freely, supporting one of the world’s great inland fisheries. But China is now building a series of dams on the 2,800-mile river that will restrict its natural flow and threaten the sustenance of tens of millions of Southeast Asians."

Source: YaleE360, 06/18/2009

US, EU Raise Efficiency Standards for Office Equipment

"The European Commission and the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency agreed today to implement new higher energy-efficiency specifications for computers, copiers and printers under the EU-US Energy Star Programme."

Source: ENS, 06/18/2009

WV DEP Won't Expand Slurry Injection Moratorium

West Virginia's "Environmental Protection Secretary Randy Huffman said Wednesday his agency is continuing to allow coal slurry to be injected underground at 13 locations in West Virginia, despite being unable to tell lawmakers if the process is safe."

Source: Charleston Gazette, 06/18/2009

Enviros Slam Plan To Hunt Humpbacks

"Plans to resume the hunting of humpback whales, protected by a moratorium introduced more than 40 years ago, came under fire from environmentalists Tuesday."

Source: AFP, 06/18/2009

EPA Declares Health Emergency in Libby

"The Environmental Protection Agency yesterday declared its first-ever 'public health emergency,' saying the federal government will funnel $6 million to provide medical care for people sickened by asbestos from a mine in northwest Montana."

Source: Wash Post, 06/18/2009

Two Agencies Hide Neglect of Coal-Dam Safety with Secrecy

US EPA and Army Corps of Engineers say they "cannot make the list of 'high hazard' coal ash impoundment sites public," even though risk to communities exists -- like the December 2008 pond failure at the Kingston Fossil Plant in Tennessee.