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"Ocean Acidification Impacts Coastal Rivers"

"Ocean acidification, caused by rising CO2 levels, is affecting not only coral reefs, but coastal ecosystems by changing everything from the ability of oysters to adhere to the riverbed to the extent of dead zones along the U.S. Pacific coast."

Source: Cosmos, 11/13/2009

"Effects of Coal Ash Contamination Go Beyond Health Risks"

"While the health effects of coal-ash disposal get most attention, a long list of other negative effects are overlooked. They include crushing financial burdens for people, companies, and governments; deepening mistrust of government; years of litigation; depressed property values; and more. These costs outweigh the costs of regulation, cleanup, and mitigation."

Source: Iowa Independent, 11/13/2009

"U.S. Weighs Backing Interim International Climate Agreement"

"Less than a month before negotiators will meet in Copenhagen with the lofty goal of crafting a deal to curb global greenhouse gas emissions, the Obama administration is considering endorsing a limited short-term climate pact and deferring more ambitious action until next year."

Source: Wash Post, 11/13/2009

"Obama in 11th-Hour Climate Bid With China, India"

"With the clock ticking on the high-stakes Copenhagen climate summit, US President Barack Obama will try to salvage fading hopes for a deal as he meets this month with the leaders of China and India."

Source: AP, 11/12/2009

"Report: Pollutants in D.C. Area Drinking Water"

"A nonprofit organization that monitors the health of the Potomac River said Wednesday that a condition causing abnormalities in fish should serve as an urgent warning to rehabilitate the waterway that provides 90 percent of the D.C. area's drinking water."

Source: Washington Times, 11/12/2009