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"Mass. Result Has Boxer Foes Smelling Blood in Calif."

"The three Republicans vying for the chance to unseat Sen. Barbara Boxer (D-Calif.) this fall were tripping over themselves yesterday in a rush to capitalize on momentum generated by a rare special-election upset in a liberal stronghold 3,000 miles away."

Source: Greenwire, 01/22/2010

EPA Finds Hudson PCBs 25 Times Higher Than Expected

"Hudson River dredging released almost 25 times more PCBs into the water than expected, General Electric said Thursday in calling for changes in performance standards before the massive Superfund cleanup resumes."

Source: AP, 01/22/2010

"Blankenship, Kennedy Debate Coal's Future"

"Massey Energy President Don Blankenship and environmental lawyer Robert F. Kennedy Jr. on Thursday evening debated the future of coal and the science of climate change, agreeing on little but drawing still more national attention to the crucial issues that face the Appalachian coalfields."

Source: Charleston Gazette, 01/22/2010