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"EPA Proposal To Cut Great Lakes Ship Emissions Stirs the Waters"

"An Environmental Protection Agency proposal that would compel [Great Lakes] vessels to burn cleaner fuel and upgrade their engines has sparked a furious behind-the-scenes lobbying campaign that has come to a head this week, pitting congressional Democrats against a Democratic administration as lawmakers allied with Midwestern and Alaskan shippers pressure the EPA to back down and protect jobs."

Source: Wash Post, 10/23/2009

"House Votes To Pass Solar Roadmap Bill by 3-1 Margin."

The House Thursday passed the Solar Technology Roadmap Act, which authorizes more than $2 billion to strengthen and coordinate research and development of solar power projects. Projects would be picked by an 11-member panel chosen by the Energy Secretary.

Source: Phoenix Sun, 10/23/2009

"'Crude,' the Film, Explores Oil Giants' Crude Conduct in Ecuador"

"The acclaimed documentary film 'Crude,' which details the 16-year struggle of indigenous peoples in Ecuador's Amazon to hold Chevron legally accountable for contamination of a huge rainforest area, opens in Washington, DC on Friday during intense scrutiny of a $27 billion liability lawsuit against the oil giant."

Source: ENS, 10/23/2009

"Deal Drafted on Nuclear Fuel for Iran's Research Reactor"

"VIENNA -- A draft agreement on providing Iran with fuel for a civilian nuclear research facility that could defuse tension over Iran's nuclear program has emerged from nearly three days of talks supported by the United Nations International Atomic Energy Agency, IAEA."

Source: ENS, 10/23/2009

"Senate Confirms Main as New MSHA Chief"

"Advocates for coal miners said Thursday that they expect a new direction for the nation’s mine safety agency under its new chief, former miner and top union official Joseph Main. On a voice vote, the Senate confirmed Main on Wednesday night as the head of the federal Mine Safety and Health Administration."

Source: Louisville Courier-Journal, 10/23/2009

"Scientists: Biofuel Laws May Harm Environment"

"Scientists writing in the current issue of Science magazine point out a huge error in existing biofuel laws that could actually make climate change worse. They say these rules inadvertently encourage deforestation, which in turn contributes to global warming."

Source: NPR, 10/23/2009

"U.S. Issues Arctic Report, Cites 'Drastic Changes'"

The National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration issues an Arctic report card Thursday that said global warming is changing wind patters and melting ice and glaciers -- with impacts on living things on both land and sea.

Source: AP, 10/23/2009

"U.S. Maps Protected Alaska Habitat for Polar Bears"

"A vast swath of icy sea, barrier islands and coastal land on Alaska's oil-rich North Slope will be granted special protection because of its importance to the threatened polar bear, under a proposal released Thursday by the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service."

Source: Reuters, 10/23/2009