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"Mich. Coal Plant Proposals Get Negative Reviews"

"Michigan regulators dealt a setback Tuesday to proposals for new coal-fired power plants near Rogers City and Bay City, questioning the need for both projects at a time of growing emphasis on cleaner fuels."
Source: AP, 09/10/2009

"Grizzly Bears Vanishing From Canada's Great Bear Rainforest"

"It's called the Great Bear Rainforest, but few grizzly bears have been seen on British Columbia's north and central coast this year. Conservationists and bear viewing guides are blaming the disappearance of the bears on the overfishing of salmon, their main food source."
Source: ENS, 09/10/2009

"Senate Dems Send Small Signs of Progress on Climate Bill"

"Key Senate Democrats insisted that they are making incremental progress on a comprehensive global warming bill as they returned to Capitol Hill yesterday following a monthlong break where health care reform surged to the top of Congress' legislative agenda."
Source: ClimateWire, 09/10/2009