"The Evolution Of An Eco-Prophet"

"'Our Choice' is Al Gore at his best and his worst. It is authoritative, exhaustive, reasoned, erudite, and logical, a textbooklike march through solar and wind power, geothermal energy, biofuels, carbon sequestration, nuclear energy, the potential of forests to soak up carbon dioxide, energy efficiency, and the regulatory tangle that impedes the development of a super-efficient, continent-wide system of transmission lines. It is, thank goodness, '50 things you can do' primer. To the contrary. Although Gore hopes laypeople will exert political pressure for what he calls 'large solutions,' he told me last week in a call from Cairo, 'Our Choice' reflects the experience of someone who knows that it is lawmakers and business leaders who can implement the 'laws and policies we really need, including getting a global climate treaty.'"

Sharon Begley reports for Newsweek October 31, 2009.

Source: Newsweek, 11/02/2009