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Scientists Call for Safer Coal Waste Impoundments

After the disastrous collapse of a Kentucky coal waste impoundment in October 2000, Congress asked the National Research Council to recommend ways to help reduce the potential for future calamities at about 700 U.S. facilities.

Terrorism Down on the Farm

Amid the torrent of terrorism news, one angle that's been overlooked is agroterrorism -- using biological agents as weapons against crops or livestock.

Terror and the Electric Grid

The Sept. 11 attacks should remind reporters of the vulnerability of the electric power supply system not just to terrorism, but to other natural and man-made disasters that could bring serious outages.

Airport Closure: An Environmental Experiment

The closure of U.S. airports following the terrorist attacks of Sept. 11, 2001, provides a rare opportunity to gauge the contributions of airports and related activities to a city's air pollution.

Upcoming SEJ Regional Events and Meet-Ups

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El Nio Watch Begins

El Nios occur when unusually warm water invades South and Central American coastal waters toward the end of the year.