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Policy & Regulation Outlook for 2009 (Part 2)

Environmental policy, legislation, and regulation are likely to be different under the Obama administration than the Bush administration. It's difficult to know yet what the priorities will be, or what shifts will occur. This is the second half of potential topics for journalists to keep an eye on.

Boulder, CO 1991

SEJ's 1st Annual Conference: Sessions on using computers to analyze environmental data; reporting risk; the society's first elections.

Ann Arbor, MI 1992

SEJ's 2nd Annual Conference: The auto industry; Lois Gibbs of the Citizens Clearinghouse for Hazardous Waste; environmental beat veterans talk about their experiences.

Durham, NC 1993

SEJ's 3rd Annual Conference: Interior Secretary Bruce Babbitt; White House Office of Environmental Policy director Katy McGinty; a plenary on "backlash" reporting.

Utah 1994

SEJ's 4th Annual Conference: Writers William Least Heat Moon and Terry Tempest Williams; Energy Secretary Hazel O'Leary; EPA Administrator Carol Browner.

Boston, MA 1995

SEJ's 5th Annual Conference, hosted by MIT's Knight Science Journalism program: Vice President Al Gore addresses the conference; naturalist E.O. Wilson; authors Richard Rhodes and Jonathan Weiner.

St. Louis, MO 1996

SEJ's 6th Annual Conference: The environment in the 104th Congress; and the doomsayers square off against the naysayers in a lunchtime plenary.

Tucson, AZ 1997

SEJ's 7th Annual Conference: The border environment; four years after NAFTA; an address by Stewart Udall; Biosphere II; and remembering Edward Abbey.