SEJ by the Numbers: History and Accomplishments 1990-2015

Year David Stolberg first tried to recruit founders for an environmental journalists' association 1987
Date SEJ incorporated 2/14/90
Charter members established at first board meeting, July 9, 1990 79
Names on the board's outreach list that day 300
Names in 1992 membership directory 802
Names on current roster of members 1,264
All time high number of members, 2009 1,514
Names in Central Database at SEJ HQ, current contacts 20,198
Annual Conferences 25
Conference registrants 14,687
Journalist-registrants 6,613
Largest participation (2011 Miami) 1,038
Annual conference sessions 846
Annual conference full day tours 184
Multi-day post-conference tours 12
First panel on data reporting 1991
First conference panel on climate change 1993 established 1996
Local and regional events organized by members 112
Issues of SEJournal 94
Years of Mentor Program 25
Years of diversity fellowships 15
Years of SEJ Awards program 14
Stories recognized with top awards 122
Years of FOI WatchDog program 15
Number of SEJ Freedom of Information WatchDog TipSheets published since 2003 nearly 300
Number of other SEJ reporting TipSheets published since 1996 nearly 400
Current number of TipSheet subscribers, including WatchDog TipSheet 1022
Net assets reported at first formal board meeting, July 1990 3,360
Dollars awarded for story projects through the Fund for Environmental Journalism, Sept 2011 - Jan 2015 107,230
Largest operating budget to date, 2011 1,014,326
SEJ operating budget 2014 878,813


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