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SEJ President's Report is the column of the current president of the SEJ Board of Directors, focusing on insights about the profession of environmental journalism, and providing updates about the organization's vision and practices.  For questions and comments, email SEJ President Sadie Babits.


April 4, 2018

  • The Society of Environmental Journalists has written EPA again, asking that its press shop stop distortions, ethically questionable treatment of journalists and appropriation of partisan news for official press releases. That, plus an update on the SEJ’s executive director search, in the latest President’s Report.

December 12, 2017

August 15, 2017

  • SEJ President Bobby Magill, in his latest report, outlines the organization's efforts to fight back against restrictions on freedom of the press, as well as a new push to build a more diverse SEJ and a special fellowship in tribute to recently deceased board member and freelancer Lizzie Grossman.

March 21, 2017

  • In this President's Report, SEJ's Bobby Magill outlines plans for the organization amid political tumult. In the works: a rebranding, a website revamp and a new strategic vision under the guidance of Executive Director Melisa Klem. Find out more, plus how you can share your perspective, such as at SEJ's member-led meetups.

February 21, 2017

  • Bobby Magill, in his most recent SEJ President's Report, recalls his time traversing federal wilderness areas that are now increasingly the subject of dispute. How are they to be used? Who is to hold them? Will these vast Western lands remain in the public domain? And what is the role of journalists in covering this story?

November 15, 2016

  • SEJ President Bobby Magill takes stock of an incoming administration he sees as having palpable hostility toward journalism, science and climate stability. His conclusion: Environmental journalism is more necessary than ever and we must take inspiration from this difficult moment to galvanize our work.

November 1, 2016

  • An era of transformation is upon SEJ, with new executive director, headquarters, partnerships, funding sources, publications and more on the way. Incoming President Bobby Magill outlines what's coming, and puts out a welcome mat for potential new members.

September 1, 2016

  • Little did Jim Detjen know when he hired a part-time worker more than 25 years ago for the newly launched Society of Environmental Journalists that it would lead to an astonishing era of leadership. It was Beth Parke he hired. Under her leadership as executive director, SEJ has grown into the world’s leading group of professional journalists who cover environmental issues. Read more from SEJ President Jeff Burnside.

June 1, 2016

  • For hard-working journalists, reward comes in those quiet moments of reflection when we see our work go public and watch as it positively contributes to the dialogues taking place in our communities, across America and, indeed, around the world. SEJ Board president Jeff Burnside, pictured, explains in the latest issue of SEJournal.

March 1, 2016

  • Fellow Journalists, we have a lot in common. We’ve read many of your stories on issues surrounding energy, business, science and health. We couldn’t help noticing a common link in so many of your stories: The environment. Those of us at the Society of Environmental Journalists think we are a very good fit for you. Read all the reasons why, by board president Jeff Burnside in the new issue of SEJournal.