SEJ's 25th Annual Conference A/V Contests



Four Contests!
Four Chances to Win!


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Our gratitude goes out to SEJ member Lana Straub for creating and funding these contests. Here's her announcement:

"I'm working on the conference app again this year, and since it's the 25th anniversary of SEJ, I want to make sure it's the best ever. To do that, I need you. As journalists, we are always trying new things to reach our audience and create engagement in our stories. This year we need to do that with the SEJ conference as well.

"I'd like to encourage all of you to utilize new and different audio-visual programs to practice your experience at the SEJ conference. Personally, I know about Vine, Vimeo, Periscope and Videolicious, but I know there are tons more out there.

"And I want you to start practicing BEFORE the conference. It's SEJ's 25th anniversary after all."


Contest #1

Use the VINE app and create a 7-second Vine about why you are attending SEJ's 25th Annual Conference in Norman, OK and why I should want to come also. Be sure to include your name, your affiliation and where you are from somewhere in your Vine.

And I know as journalists our time is valuable, so I want to make it worth your while. At the conference, I will personally pay for and award a $25 iTunes gift card to the SEJer whose Vine gets the most loops by the award ceremony Wednesday night. So if you want your Vine to win, you have to share it on social media and you have to actually attend the conference.

Be sure to include #SEJ2015 and #IAMSEJ in your tweet or post. Here's my Vine.


Contest #2

Make us a 30-second video and upload it to YouTube. Include somewhere in the video or the description that you are going to the SEJ's Annual Conference in Norman, OK, who you are, what you do and why you are attending.

Be sure to use the hashtags #SEJ2015 and #IAMSEJ.

If you want to make sure I see it, be sure to forward it to me @LanaStraub

The reward will be a $25 iTunes gift card presented to the winner — the person who receives the most plays.


Contest #3

For those of you who cannot come — perhaps you can spur those who are coming to participate in contests #1 and #2.

For contest #3, we want those who are not coming to send us a 30-60 second video postcard telling everyone how much you'd love to come but just can't get there this year for whatever reason. That way we get to see your smiling face anyway.

Post it to Youtube with the hashtags #SEJ2015 #IAMSEJ

If you send me a link, I'll blast it all over the app and social media: @LanaStraub

The reward is a $25 iTunes gift card presented to the winner — the person who receives the most plays.


Contest #4

Here's your final opportunity to grab a $25 iTunes gift card out of my grubby little hands.

The 4th and Final A/V contest is to use the Periscope program to document your journey from home to the SEJ conference. Winner of this contest will be the most active user. Periscope is owned by Twitter, so you'll have to tie your Twitter account to it to make it work.

To learn more about Periscope, go here.

Here's an example of a Periscope I did.

Periscope expires in 24 hours, so if you want to save it for posterity, save it to your device.

If you want extra kudos from me — make a YouTube video sometime during the conference that shows your adventures — maybe we can watch it on movie night.

The Ya-Ya sisters and I will be road tripping from West Texas to Norman, so you can follow our Periscope @LanaStraub

I've been using the program for about a month and will give you some hints:

  1. It's live, so keep that in mind — always
  2. You can save your periscope video to your camera roll — which I suggest you do, because after 24 hours it's gone from forever.
  3. I've found it's best to periscope in short bursts, no longer than about 5 minutes. This makes it easier for your device to save it for later without crashing.
  4. Be sure to use #SEJ2015 and #IAMSEJ. Be sure to tweet me @LanaStraub or @Lanawrites
  5. Remember again, periscope is live. You will experience strangers logging on to your broadcast and possibly commenting or giving stars — this is a good thing — it means we have viewers — which is GOOD for the news.
  6. Don't be afraid of using this technology. We are journalists. Documentations of life. Periscope helps us document the here and now — live, i.e., breaking news style.
  7. Have fun. All of us know that going away to an SEJ conference is one of the highlights of our year. Show us how fun it was to get there. And then we'll show you how fun it is to be there.

Thanks so much and I look forward to seeing what you come up with!

See you in week!