#SEJSpotlight: Angela Smith, Founder, Shark Team One

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Meet SEJ member Angela Smith! Founder of Shark Team One, Angela is a passionate conservationist, researcher, photographer, writer, filmmaker and explorer. Angela leads Shark Team One by creating programs that help communities implement marine protected areas, save endangered species and protect ocean ecosystems. Angela’s work appears on National Geographic Digital, Portland Monthly, Outdoor Television, Harper’s Bazaar, Shark Team One journals, scientific resources, published field notes and more. Angela is a recipient of research support from the S.E.E. (Science, Exploration, Education) Initiative. She has also been honored to lead Shark Team One to be a Disney Conservation Fund grantee and has been recognized as a global leader with an Indianapolis Prize nomination for endangered wildlife conservation. Her documentary films have won national and international awards at venues such as Wildlife Conservation Film Festival, Fort Lauderdale International Film Festival, Berlin Flash Film Festival and Jackson Wild Science Media Awards. Angela’s next assignments will take her to the Arctic where she hopes to bring awareness to impacts of climate change and dwindling populations of vulnerable species such as polar bears and narwhal.

When asked if she recommends SEJ membership to her colleagues, Angela said, "Yes! The EJToday news and leads updates are extremely beneficial for staying on top of current events and trends. SEJ’s workshops and online events also have been a great source of knowledge, inspiration and provide avenues to collaborate with like-minded individuals." Follow @EJTodayNews on Twitter and join Angela at SEJ today!

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Twitter         @angelasmith53
Web             www.sharkteamone.org
Instagram   @sharkteamone

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