#SEJSpotlight: Christopher James Preston, Author; Professor, University of Montana

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Meet SEJ member Christopher James Preston! Christopher is a transplanted Brit writing from Missoula, Montana. His work orbits around climate change and biodiversity. His award-winning book, "The Synthetic Age," warned about powerful technologies — nanotechnology, biotechnology and climate engineering — replacing the natural world. Christopher's new book on animal recoveries, "Tenacious Beasts: Wildlife Recoveries That Change How We Think About Animals," finds glimmers of hope in a dozen species back from the brink; it was included in 'Best Books of 2023' by The New Yorker and is a U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service 'Wild Read' for February 2024. He unearths clues from these cases about how to halt biodiversity decline. His bylines include The Atlantic, Smithsonian, Discover, Aeon, The BBC, Slate and The Conversation.

When asked if he recommends SEJ membership, Christopher said, "Anyone writing about the natural world for real-world audiences should join. These are your people." Join us — apply for SEJ membership.

Find Christopher:

X                  @SyntheticAge
Web            christopherjpreston.com
Facebook   /ChristopherJPrestonAuthor


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