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Meet SEJ member John Earl! John is an investigative journalist who has reported on Southern California water-management issues for over 16 years. He was the only journalist during that time to regularly report on local water districts in Orange County. His extensive and exclusive investigative reporting on the proposed Huntington Beach, CA., Poseidon Ocean Desalination project influenced mainstream media reporting, helping to defeat “one of the world's great water-project scams.” Currently, he covers water-management issues throughout Southern California, including climate change, drought, government/corporate transparency and environmental justice. His publishing platform is at socalwaterwars.substack.com.

John recommends SEJ membership to his colleagues, and said, "SEJ helps independent journalists like me by providing convenient research resources and bringing environmental journalists together in a forum that allows them to share their work and learn from each other." Join him — apply for SEJ membership.

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Twitter          @surfcityvoice
Web              Socalwaterwars.substack.com
Facebook:    /SurfCityVoice


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