#SEJSpotlight: Kimberly Cauvel, Reporter, Skagit Valley Herald

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Meet SEJ member Kimberly Cauvel! Kimberly is a lifelong Washingtonian whose interest in nature was sparked by childhood camping trips among the ponderosa pines on the east side of the state and has since enticed her to explore the volcanoes, rainforests, islands and beaches on the west side of the state. Her early love of the outdoors and later love of science led her to a career in local environmental journalism. Kimberly has now been covering the environment beat at the Skagit Valley Herald in Northwest Washington for eight years. Her freelance work has also appeared in the nonprofit publications Bitterroot Magazine and Salish Current.

Kimberly recommends SEJ membership to her colleagues because, "SEJ provides not only great resources, but a sense of camaraderie that is super valuable. It has several times helped refuel my inspiration for tackling this often challenging work."

See some of Kimberly's work for the Skagit Valley Herald:

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Twitter         @kimberlycauvel
Web             www.kimberlycauvel.com
Instagram    @kimberlycauvel


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