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Meet SEJ member Matt Simmons! Matt is a writer and editor with a focus on the intersection between environment and natural resources and Indigenous Rights. After travelling and adventuring across the top half of British Columbia for several years, writing on conservation, cultural heritage and the joys of backcountry exploration, he settled in the northwestern part of the province, unceded Gidimt’en Clan territory, home of the Wet'suwet'en/Witsuwit’en Nation. Since setting up shop in the North, Matt authored "The Outsider’s Guide to Prince Rupert" — a trail guide and series of adventure narratives — and, as editor-in-chief, guided the path of a northern institution, Northword Magazine. These days, when he’s not writing or otherwise engaged in a creative project, he is up in the mountains, beside a river or sitting by a fire. Matt’s position at The Narwhal is made possible by the Local Journalism Initiative.

When asked how SEJ has made his job easier, Matt said, "I've been receiving the EJToday newsletter for years and always find something interesting there that leads me to potential stories or inspires me by leading me to read other journalists' work." Join Matt at SEJ today!

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Twitter          @writermjs
Web               thenarwhal.ca

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