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Meet SEJ member Nick Cunningham! Nick is a freelance reporter covering the oil and gas industry. In recent years, he has covered the U.S. shale industry, including the environmental, social, geopolitical and financial impacts associated with fracking. He has also covered the state and federal lobbying campaigns spearheaded by the oil and gas industry and its allies, aimed at prolonging the fossil fuel era. In 2021, Nick received an Honorable Mention for "Outstanding Beat Reporting" (small market) from SEJ for his coverage of "Fossil Fuel Resistance in the Pacific Northwest," a multipart series that explored oil and gas industry efforts to build pipelines, petrochemical facilities and export projects on the Pacific Coast, and the grassroots and often Indigenous-led resistance movements against them. Nick continues to report on the ongoing fossil fuel buildout around the country.

Nick recommends SEJ membership and said, "SEJ has a lot of resources to help develop reporting skills and find work, and the annual conferences are great for meeting other reporters and finding sources of inspiration." Join Nick at SEJ today!

See more of Nick's work:

More Pacific Northwest coverage:

These investigations broke a story wide open, and both have since been covered by OPB and The Oregonian, sparking broader scrutiny from members of the state legislature into the utility:

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Twitter   @NickCunningham1
Web       NickCunningham.blog


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