"California Wildfires Fanned By Unusually Harsh Conditions"

"Winds that weather experts said normally arrive in force in the late fall fueled flames in the Springs fire that quickly chewed through 6,500 of acres of dry brush."

"William Patzert, a climatologist for the Jet Propulsion Laboratory in La Canada, said that Southern California’s weather has been out-of-whack, with Santa Ana winds descending on Southern California much earlier than they usually do and low moisture levels.

'It was promising up to December and then all of sudden Mother Nature turned off the spigot,' he said. 'It’s remarkable to get Santa Anas in May.… Every way you look at it, it’s been remarkable, unusual and incendiary.'"

Hector Becerra reports for the Los Angeles Times May 2, 2013.


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Source: LA Times, 05/03/2013