SEJ Annual Conferences

© Photo by Kate Lutz.

SEJ's annual conference brings together journalists, scientists, government officials, advocacy leaders and others to explore the many facets of environmental stories in order to improve the quality and accuracy of environmental reporting. Annual conferences are open to both SEJ members and those who are not members.
Each conference presents an opportunity to meet with other journalists, sit in on training writing and computer workshops, attend panel sessions where current issues are debated by experts, policy-makers and experienced reporters from all types of media. The annual conference also takes journalists out into the field, with full-day or half-day tours to environmental hotspots where issues may be explored on site with experts on hand to present sides and answer questions.
Looking ahead: SEJ's 27th Annual Conference will take place in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania from October 4-8, 2017. Sign up for email updates about SEJ's 27th Annual Conference.

SEJ Annual Conferences

  • Portland, OR 2001

    SEJ's 11th Annual Conference: Top Bush administration officials Christine Todd Whitman and Gale Norton outlined new environment and natural resources policies. Two conference sessions considered the impact of terrorist attacks on technology, the environment and environmental reporting.

  • East Lansing, MI 2000

    SEJ's 10th Annual Conference: Cars of the future; a debate between the environmental advisors to presidential candidates George W. Bush and Al Gore; keynote address by David Suzuki; author Bill McKibben. Hosted by MSU's Knight Center for Environmental Journalism.

  • Los Angeles, CA 1999

    SEJ's 9th Annual Conference: Urban sprawl; Hollywood, the press and the environment, with panelists Ted Danson, Ed Begley Jr., and Keely Shaye Smith; keynote address by David Brower; and a Sunday morning talk by Barry Lopez, author of Arctic Dreams.