SEJ Annual Conferences

SEJ's 30th Anniversary Conference

Part 1, Day 2 of SEJ's 30th Anniversary Conference continues today!
Starting at 12 PM ET, we'll have video previews of next June's tours and panels of experts from Idaho National Laboratory and Idaho's High Divide.
At 4:30 PM ET, it's time to get together with your colleagues in your choice of networking meet-ups on extreme weather, wildfires, and plastic pollution:

  1. Hot Numbers: NASA Wildfire Data and Imagery and Other Burning Issues
  2. Rising Risk: Connecting the Dots Between Climate & Weather
    Sponsored by Woodwell Climate Research Center (formerly Woods Hole Research Center)
  3. Breaking the Plastic Wave: The Science and Economics Behind Preventing Ocean Plastic Pollution
    Sponsored by The Pew Charitable Trusts

Please join us live to ask your questions and share tips with your SEJ colleagues. But if you can't, everything is being recorded for later viewing by attendees.

#SEJ2020 Virtual Conference will continue September 23 and 30, convening the SEJ community to investigate environmental angles on the 2020 elections and other timely events, celebrate the winners of the SEJ Awards for Reporting on the Environment, and preview workshops, tours and panels coming in June. Part two, the in-person conference in Boise, takes place June 2-6 (#SEJ2021). Special thanks to our partners at Boise State University and the city of Boise for graciously adapting to these changes necessary to protect everyone's health. Go to the conference website. Download the conference guide.


SEJ's 29th Annual Conference, Fort Collins, CO, Oct. 9-13, 2019

Environmental Journalism 2019 was hosted by Colorado State University. See the agenda. Most sessions were audio-recorded and are posted on our conference coverage page. It's critically important to SEJ to gather evidence on the impact of our work. So we're tracking stories inspired by or informed by our conference in Fort Collins. The stories don't have to be about Fort Collins; they can be based on sources or ideas you got from being at the conference. Please help us to keep SEJ strong and share links, photos, copies of reporting generated or informed by this conference. It's never too late! Send your story links to Cindy MacDonald, SEJ's Web content manager.


SEJ's 28th Annual Conference, Flint, MI, Oct. 3-7, 2018

Environmental Journalism 2018, hosted by the University of Michigan-Flint, is a wrap. More than 700 attendees networked, went on tours and took in countless educational sessions. Multimedia coverage. View the agenda or read speaker bios. Check out our sponsors, exhibitors, independent reception hosts and advertisers. If you wrote stories informed by the conference, please send us the links to include on our coverage page — it's never too late.


SEJ's 26th Annual Conference, Sacramento, CA, Sept. 21-25, 2016

Environmental Journalism 2016 took us to California, the Land of Extremes and Home of Big Dreams, hosted by Capital Public Radio and UC Davis. Multimedia coverage is posted here. See the agenda and speaker bios.


SEJ's 25th Annual Conference, Norman, OK, Oct. 7-11, 2015

SEJ's 2015 conference was hosted in the land of weather, water and energy by the University of Oklahoma. Find coverage here. The agenda included video and graphics training, tours and sessions on fracking & quakes, climate change & extreme weather, water rights & fights, Native Americans & diversity, ag & soil health, and more.



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