SEJ's 27th Annual Conference, Pittsburgh, PA, Oct. 4-8, 2017

That confluence of waters is mirrored in the currents of the region’s on-going, post- industrial renaissance. The city now booms with green buildings. Environmental health has become a priority. The riverbanks, once as oily and grimy as an old steel-toed work boot, have been reclaimed by high-tech companies, university research centers, public parks and boat launches. At the same time, a boom in shale gas and the decline of the coal industry are changing the physical and social landscape. How those forces converge in Pittsburgh provides lessons for many other parts of the nation and the world. It’s how we flow.


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Issues we'll explore include:


Energy. Gas drilling in the heart of the Marcellus; renewables; the future of electric power

Environmental Justice. Communities where old coalfields and new gas wells intersect

Wilderness. Allegheny National Forest, a battlefield for invasive beetles

Urban Farming. From ball fields and vacant lots to vegetables, bees and chickens

Green Design. Including a living building, one of the greenest in the world

Transportation. Leading-edge research on self-driving vehicles and green trucking

Infrastructure. Pittsburgh maintains more bridges than any other city, even Venice

Water. Solutions to storm-water overflow; mapping the city’s microbiome

Stay tuned for agenda details to come!


Conference headquarters:


Wyndham Grand Hotel, Pittsburgh Downtown, 600 Commonwealth Place, Pittsburgh, PA 15222  
Room rate: Single and Double $155+tax

Photo: © Gino Santa Maria/Shutterstock